Abuse is a simple program which will help you fight back spam.
It will "read" any e-mail header, go on-line and check NICs, open relay DBs and black-listed IP ranges to discover the address of the abuse-desk you should write to.

Further it will tell you if the sender's IP address is an open relay or is blacklisted as a spam source.
Simply right click on a desired e-mail and Abuse will automatically extract headers and either print the relevant abuse-desks or directly e-mail them a letter of complaint (LART).

Changes in Abuse! :

· Added another authentication method for connecting to an SMTP server. Also added additional verification during the connection to quickly detect when the Login fails.
· The German language translation has been completely rewritten. French language file was updated.
· Minor changes to the user interface.

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Rating: 5 from 2 (vote s ) Comments:

One comment though, don't use the Dutch language, it's absolutely incomprehensible. Better use English.
Maybe they can get a dutch native speaker to translate ;-)

  • Rating: 5
  • Posted by: Vanja
  • Date: 28 Jan 2008

Love this program. Easy, fast and highly effective.

  • Rating: 5
  • Posted by: Vanja
  • Date: 28 Jan 2008
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