Duplicate Cleaner 4.1.0

  • Last update: 1 Dec 2017
  • License: Freeware
  • Size: 5.56MB
  • Downloads: 9986

Duplicate Cleaner is a very efficient tool to find and delete redundant files on your hard disk.

Regardless of file type – photo, document, PDF, music, video or anything else, if there are some duplicates inside your computer, they will be found and you can delete them.

The program is ad-supported unfortunately and during the installation you should be careful about what is it trying to install alongside with the software.

However, the program is pretty advanced with plenty of options and you can scan and find similar files, defining the percent of similarity (for pictures).

You can specify if the pictures you search can be rotated, have the same aspect ratio, have the same filename, or have been modified in the same day or not. You can filter your search results by size and parts of filename.

The original file and duplicates it finds are grouped in similar colors to be easily spotted and you get all the information you want about your results: name, path, size, date and time of creation and modification, file type, hash, group, hard links and other details about each file.

You can turn duplicate files into hard links if you want and you can scan both home or network drives.

What's New in Duplicate Cleaner 4.1.0:

- New comparison mode: Similar Audio
- View the Duplicate list by grouped and thumbnail views. Thumbnails can show images and audio file artwork
- Unique mode improvements for drive/folder comparison projects
- Selection Assistant option: Work on unmarked groups only.
- Selection Assistant improvements for 'All but one in each group' (Utilize existing marks, prefer longer file names)
- Improved file-information pop-ups (hover over file name in list)
- Saved file filters can now be combined
- Improved checks to for initial folders mapping to the same location
- Duplicate folder list column widths saved
- Various other fixes

• View the online supplied documentation here.

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