Emsisoft Internet Security Pack

  • Last update: 3 Jun 2016
  • License: Shareware
  • Size: 231MB
  • Downloads: 5126

Emsisoft Internet Security is a complete product offering several layers of security for your computer: antivirus (file guard), firewall, behavior blocker, surf protection.

The antivirus is powered by two engines: BitDefender and Emsisoft own engine with superior detection and protection rates.

File Guard offers three levels of protection and each user can choose according to their needs: fast, balanced and thorough. You have the option to receive an email when something suspicious is detected on your computer.

Behavior Blocker is an important component and protects against most new and unknown malwares, still not covered by signatures. It will monitor possible suspicious activities related to backdoors, spyware, trojans, rootkits or keyloggers.

It will alert you when any application will try to inject code into another running process or modify and access core system files and settings. For even more protection with a higher risk of false alarms, you can always activate the Paranoid mode.

The firewall component will carefully filter every incoming and outgoing network traffic in order to detect suspicious packets and attacks coming from the internet. You can add or edit your own rules here, for applications and system monitoring.

You can schedule anti-malware scans of your computer at any time in future and you are offered with plenty of settings as this process may not interrupt you.

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