HostsMan 4.7.105

HostsMan is a free utility that will let you edit hosts on your computer.

Hosts represent a file designed to map hostnames to IP address on a computer.

This program will let you edit, enable, disable and even backup your hosts. It will also scan and find corrupt and possible hijacked hosts and delete them.

Another useful option is to block other programs to modify your hosts.

This is useful in case of infections, as some malware will try to stop you being able to access antivirus software websites by editing host file.

What's New in HostsMan 4.7 :

- Added: Update Manager dialog now has the option to open local update source files in editor;
- Added: "Dan Pollock's hosts file" source;
- Changed: more information is displayed when hosts file is in use by other applications (Vista and later);
- Changed: updated URLs for "Peter Lowe's AdServers List" and "Malware Domain List" sources;
- Fixed: control of DNS Client service is broken;
- Fixed: "Export Hosts" always exports to zip file under Vista and later;
- Fixed: minor bugs.

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