LSPFix 1.1

  • Last update: 7 Jul 2006
  • License: Freeware
  • Size: 196KB
  • Downloads: 3805

LSP-Fix is a free utility to repair a specific type of problem associated with certain Internet software.

This type of software is known as a Layered Service Provider or LSP, a piece of software that can be inserted into the Windows TCP/IP handler like a link in a chain. However, due to bugs in the LSP software or deletion of the software, this chain can get broken, rendering the user unable to access the Internet.

Recovering From Disaster

I make the assumption that your system actually does use Winsock 2 (all Win98 and higher do). If you are running Windows 95 and are not sure if Winsock 2 has been installed on your system, it should be re-installed. The file is available from the Microsoft Web site or (probably) .

If the Winsock2 Registry keys are missing entirely (LSP-Fix returns an error) or damaged beyond repair, it will be necessary to restore them. A brief walkthrough of this procedure is available at .

Some LSP products may overwrite system files such as 'wsock32.dll'. If this has occurred, or you still cannot access Web sites, it may be necessary to re-install Winsock 2 (or Windows) to restore the original files.

What's New in LSPFix 1.1:

· LSP chains entirely verified on program start, and status (errors / no errors) now displayed on the program main window.
· If Winsock2 registry keys are inaccessible, LSP-Fix now warns the user to log in as Administrator and retry, rather than reporting the key as missing.
· Released under the GNU General Public License.

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