LogMeIn Hamachi

Access, manage and support computers remotely.

LogMeIn Hamachi represents a tool designed to create a Virtual Private Network between multiple computers in order to share resources or play online games.

It uses an encrypted connection type and it is simple, very secure and affordable. You can access computers connected like in a real LAN network and transfers are made via P2P protocol.

Authentication and encryption used by LogMeIn Hamachi connections are the best in the industry and if you don’t use it in a commercial environment it’s totally free of charge.

It does not interfere with your firewall or router and you can set everything up in less than 10 minutes.

What's New in LogMeIn Hamachi :

- Fixed an issue that caused LogMeIn Hamachi to consume excess resources.
- Improved stability for the reconnect procedure.
- Automatic update checking has been improved in the Hamachi client.
- Adapters are now disabled when the client is turned off. Bridged adapters (GW client) are kept enabled for connectivity purposes.

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