Lookout Mobile Security for Android 8.32

  • Last update: 24 Feb 2014
  • License: Freeware
  • Size: 7.54MB
  • Downloads: 6406

Lookout Mobile Security protects your phone from mobile threats with award-winning security that’s easy to use.

Lookout Mobile Security delivers all-in-one protection for Android tablets, as well as Android smartphones.

Features of Lookout Mobile Security for Android 8.32:

Security & Privacy
· Keep your phone or tablet safe and secure. Lookout provides the most trusted protection for your most personal device
· Your phone has your most valuable personal information. Back up your information without lifting a finger.
Missing Device
· Find your phone almost as quickly as you lost it. Lookout can help you find your lost or stolen phone, restore or wipe your data.
· Use the web to manage your phone and backed-up data, and find your phone. Lookout gives you complete control over the air anytime, anywhere.

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