Naomi Family-Safe internet 3.2.90

  • Last update: 30 Apr 2006
  • License: Freeware
  • Size: 1.36MB
  • Downloads: 20878

Naomi Family-Safe internet is an advanced internet filtering program, easy to use and totally FREE, intended for families and parents in particular.

Features of Naomi Family-Safe internet 3.2:

· Heuristic analysis capable of recognizing new sites automatically.
· Semantic analysis of web pages contents and analysis of their addresses and links.
· Recognizes the major languages.
· Recognizes ICRA labelling system.
· Monitoring is not limited to web sites, but covers the whole local internet traffic.
· Works with any software application, and does not alter their settings.
· Password-protected (the password is chosen by the user during the installation).
· User interface is extremely easy to use.
· Does not require configuration.
· Can be used on slow connections (it does not perform any download in background and does not need to contact sites, proxies, databases, etc.)

What's New in Naomi Family-Safe internet 3.2.90 :

· support for Windows Vista 32-bit, improved heuristics.

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