PC Locker Pro 1.3

PC Locker Pro locks and protects the computer when you leave it.

It is easy to use: lock your computer just by clicking 1 button or using hotkey.

PC Locker Pro displays a lock screen and protects your computer. Keyboard and mouse will be disabled. To unlock computer you need to enter a password. PC Locker Pro will lock the computer after incorrect shutdown.

Features of PC Locker Pro 1.3:

· Lock and protect your computer when you leave.
· Display a lock screen (custom color or custom image).
· Lock computer after incorrect shutdown.
· Record unsuccessful attempts.
· Pretty and friendly interface (it is the style of WindowsXP).
· Easy to use.

What's New in PC Locker Pro 1.3:

· Fixed some bugs.

Screenshots of PC Locker Pro 1.3
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Rating: 4 from 2 (vote s ) Comments:

First of all -- its version 1.2 and not 1.3.
The second thing -- you can easly kill PC Locker by task manager so its quite peace of nuts...
but... its good enough to protect PC against 7 year old brother ;-

  • Rating: 3
  • Posted by: dziekan_tek
  • Date: 8 Oct 2011

I have used PC locker for several years and presently have it running on 4 computers. As a BASICMedium level start up protector it is excellent, robust and reliable. Cant fault the program... it does everything it claims to do.

  • Rating: 5
  • Posted by: David
  • Date: 27 Jan 2010
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