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Make Your Life Easier with the Top Rated Password Manager

AI RoboForm is a versatile password manager for your browser, but it has more: supports Outlook and Windows Live Mail and has the ability to memorize your address, contact data and any other data filled in a form.

It works by integrating into your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Opera), than it detects every form you fill and offers to save data entered. You don’t have to remember every login information, just the master password you set for the program.

You can either save the passwords on your HDD, or online to access it everywhere you go. In this way you can easily fight against phishing as RoboForm enters your data only on the real domain, and also you can bypass keyloggers, not being required to type anything while logging into your accounts.

The program works with a single-click and fills every information you need on your saved websites. Every data is stored using the latest encryption technology and your passwords are not saved on RoboForm servsers so you are safe.

Not in the end, RoboForm can also generate automatically strong passwords for your accounts in order to increase your security.

You will certainly appreciate this robust tool and its wide variety of features and options for configuration.

What's New in RoboForm 7.9.17 :

- IE form filler: throw more and better events to emulate human-like form filling.
- IE: improve auto-submit of forms using new DOM interfaces.
- Chrome: Fix memory leak on sites based on Telerik Kendo UI.
- Firefox, Chrome: use the same (more relaxed) criterion for showing AutoSave as in IE.
- Firefox: implement Common signed XPI for RF on Windows and Mac.
- Firefox: let RF find 64-bit Firefox, it used to find WaterFox instead.
- Firefox: fix Firefox shows a error when RF is opening an URL in new tab in some cases.
- Firefox: fix AutoSave bar in FireFox is too large on high DPI.
- RF2Go, Firefox: No SDK for FF 42 and newer is available, so allow RF2Go to attach to newer FF.
- Installer: fix RF items do not appear in Windows 10 search.
- Editor: fix Ctrl+F hides Safenote search in text bar if it is already shown.
- Editor: fix RF cannot view/edit Identities downloaded from RFO Web Site.
- Print List: fix RoboForm prints multiline passcard note as a single line.

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Like using roboform in my Avant browser. They are the two indispensable softwares in my win7.

  • Rating: 5
  • Posted by: elfsun
  • Date: 14 Dec 2011

LOVE THIS PRODUCT! Number on password management!

  • Rating: 5
  • Posted by: Jackie
  • Date: 10 Aug 2011

Not free - Is 30 day trial

  • Rating: 5
  • Posted by: Victor
  • Date: 30 Mar 2009
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