Softperfect NetWorx 6.1.1

  • Last update: 23 Jan 2018
  • License: Freeware
  • Size: 7.45MB
  • Downloads: 1635

Softperfect NetWorx represents a small and effective tool to monitor your network activity in detail.

Regardless of your connection type: LAN, Wireless, ADSL or Mobile, this program will record your internet speed, amount of bytes transffered in and out (downloaded or uploaded) and display them in graphs with detailed statistics per hour, day, week or month.

Using this software you can view in realtime your internet speed and accurately tell when your download will finish. Also, you can track your data consumption and avoid exceeding your ISP plan and get rid of extra money spent.

You can identify specific network problems or suspicious activity that can be triggered by malicious programs. Every detail recorded can be exported in various formats: HTML, MS Word and Excel.

In every moment you can see which application is using the internet and how. There is an option to automatically disconnect the internet connection if network activity exceeds a certain limit.

Not in the end, you can perform simple network tests such as ping and trace route.

What's New in Softperfect NetWorx 6.1.1 :

- Added the OpenSSL library for sending secure e-mails with NetWorx.
- Updated the LAN filtering drivers and WFP was made the default option.
- Fixed not saving scheduled speed test settings upon restart on Windows 10.
- Fixed a scheduled speed tests issue where a test did not complete in time.

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