The best free Windows backup program on the planet

SyncBack Free is a backup and restore software from 2BrightSparks. It offers two operating mode: easy and expert and according to your level of experience you may choose one of these.

The program requires a profile configuration once you start it for the first time. You can backup and restore files from your computer or removable drives to the same destinations or even to a FTP server.

You can customize many aspects of the backup process as what to do when the file already exists in destination folder or which file should be overwritten with size criteria in mind.

You can compress files and encrypt them as your privacy may be kept. You can check to verify if files have been successfully copied and you may receive the operations logs via email.

SyncBack offers a simulator to test file copying and different operations, generating a log for you at the end, but nothing really changes during this test.

The program is highly customizable and uses very few system resources.

What's New in SyncBack :

- Fixed: Missing Linked Cloud Accounts menu item in Preferences main menu for SE/Lite/Free
- Fixed: When changing settings encryption it may fail to re-encrypt settings
- Fixed: URL handler for links in log file was not always registering
- Fixed: Multi-threaded FTP scanning may return licensing error
- Fixed: Scanning a local OneDrive folder will not cause files to be downloaded
- Fixed (Pro/SE): 64-bit installer now correctly skips ReadMe window if already installed
- Fixed (Pro): Fixed methods to get file lists and file info from Box
- Fixed (Pro): Rare date time conversion issue with OneDrive
- Fixed (Pro): Properly handle renames on Cloud when using delta
- Fixed (Pro/SE): Properly abort profile execution when connection to SyncBack Touch server was permanently lost during file transfer
- Fixed (Pro): Comparing same filenames with different char case on Dropbox
- Updated: Editing file/folder selections doesn't show nag dialog if no changes have been made
- Updated: Compatibility with Windows 10 Fall Creators Update
- Updated: No longer ignoring OneDrive placeholder files
- Updated: Better at importing corrupt profiles
- Updated (Pro): Allow SAS to include account policy (Azure)
- Updated (Pro): Performance improvement getting file lists from OneDrive

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