TeamViewer 14.2.8352 Final

  • Last update: 20 Apr 2019
  • License: Freeware
  • Size: 21.7MB
  • Downloads: 14023

TeamViewer is probably the most popular remote control software available.

You can gave technical support, transfer files or use it for presentations, meetings and online training (up to 25 participants), everything using one single software.

It is free for non-commercial use and for business environment one license purchased gives lifetime usage.
You don’t need to worry about firewalls, IP compatibility or other complicate network protocols.

TeamViewer works very simple. Your partner does not even need to install it and receives the best support from you or any tech specialist (TeamViewer Quick Support is there for you).

The program generates an ID and a password and your support partner should know them in order to connect to your computer.

You can administrate your remote computers or servers as if you are in front of them and you can assist your customers very easily without being necessarily at their home.

If you’re mobile, TeamViewer has special applications developed for iOS and Android as well and you can continue to give or receive support.

What's new in TeamViewer 14.2.2558 :

- TeamViewer-UDP now also works in IPv6-Only-Networks or where specific NAT-Technology prevent UDP via IPv4 from working.
- With a new access control for script execution for incoming and outgoing sessions that can be rolled out via policies in the Management Console the permissions can be set more granular.
- Script execution is now also possible when connecting to a Linux remote machine. The necessary scripts can be uploaded in the Management Console.
- Major performance improvements for TeamViewer Pilot connections
- Free-hand drawing of Pilot connection partner
- Improved the remote control performance by improving how TeamViewer leverages the network for optimal throughput
- Now the script menu within the session is updated while having a session if scripts are added, deleted or updated.
- Improved the way how TeamViewer handles CTRL keys in combination with other programs
- Fixed a bug that created new folders during a file transfer when copying from/to a network drive (that is not mapped).
- Fixed a bug that caused TeamViewer to freeze when large files were copied especially from a network drive.
- Fixed a bug that caused a decreased remote control performance when connecting to macOS devices where TeamViewer is configured as start with system
- Fixed a bug that results in a freeze of the remote Excel application for copy & paste from a local Excel file to a remote Excel file (only occurred for big local Excel files).
- Fixed a bug that caused videos running on the remote machine to freeze during a connection when resizing the video window
- Fixed a bug that caused screen artifacts when resizing a video during the remote control session
- Fixed a bug that caused TeamViewer to consume more memory than expected during remote control sessions
- Fixed a bug that caused TeamViewer to consume more memory than expected while transferring large files
- Fixed a bug that caused TeamViewer to consume more memory than expected when using an account with many partners in the computers & contacts list
- Solved some other issues which caused crashes
- Minor improvements and fixes

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You may try Ammyy Admin which is also good alternative.

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