Unchecky 1.0.3 Final

Unchecky aims to keep potentially unwanted programs out of your computer.

Unchecky – Unfortunately, nowadays many programs (both paid or free) include third-party toolbars or adware, not needed for that program’s good functionality.

If you are an unexperienced user, you may end up with dozens of toolbars, codecs or other unwanted programs, that you never explicitly installed.

Unfortunately, default installation process may be tricky and bring you unwanted intruders, including your browser’s home page and search engine alteration.

Unchecky guards you against these kind of pests and automatically uncheck them during installation of every program.

Of course, it is not a perfect solution, but works in most cases. For your own safety, you should always choose ‚Custom’ installation for software and try to uncheck anything looking suspicious.

Unchecky will also warn you, if you will ever install an unwanted program.

What's New in Unchecky 1.0 :

- Improved support for Comodo Firewall.
- Improved support for AIMP 4.
- Improved support for Adguard.
- Improved support for Java.
- Improved support for Yandex software offers.
- Improved support several types of download managers.
- Improved support for OpenCandy offers.
- Improved support for uTorrent.
- Removed several false positive detections.
- Fixed several issues.

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