Vpn One Click 2.1

  • Last update: 7 Jul 2013
  • License: Shareware
  • Size: 493KB
  • Downloads: 6888

Vpn One Click protects your privacy online and unlocks all blocked services (Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Skype, Voip and any Website) by connecting to a Vpn Server.

Vpn One Click allow you to navigate and communicate with any other Internet application such as email, web,voip,etc. in a completely ANONYMOUS way and enables you to NOT be intercepted by anyone.

Features of Vpn One Click 2.1:

· Vpn One Click encrypts ALL your Internet Communication using encrypted PPTP protocol at 128 bit or L2tp/Ipsec 256 bit.
· Vpn One Click will automatically connect you to our servers using an encrypted tunnel.Your real Ip Address will be hidden and safe from external attack.
· No relationship is kept between your connection and the IP address that you use to communicate with the outside world.
· Every time a connection is made the server changes, providing you with even more security. Or you can keep the same IP address if you prefer.
· Vpn One click is the only service that GUARANTEES your privacy and that no connection logs are kept and no personal data is requested to subscribe!
· Vpn One Click also provides you with an additional virtual firewall to protect your connection.
· Super fast connection and no traffic limit with Vpn One Click!

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