WinLock 7.21

WinLock – is a complementary security solution that can restrict access to different parts of your operating system.

It is very useful for shared computers or in public places. WinLock supports Windows from 2000 to Windows 8. It can set time limits for using your computer and when the timer has stopped, computer automatically shuts down.

You can barely disable and restrict access to everything, from Control Panel, Desktop, command prompt to Safe Mode and Start meniu items and Windows hotkeys (such as Alt-Ctrl-Del, Alt-Tab, Ctrl-Esc, etc. It can control internet access as well, and nobody will be able to browse websites outside of a safe list.

Want to control software access? Done! WinLock can restrict downloaders, messaging clients, CDDVD burners, games, etc. You can virtually block any application or parts of it: pop up windows, alerts, windows.

So, it can act as a parental control filter also and as a good restriction software for mal-behaved persons. It runs automatically with Windows and is protected with a master password.

WinLock has support for many languages and you pay once and get lifetime license for current version and free upgrades to future versions for one year.

What's New in WinLock 7.1 :

- USB authentication (Professional edition only).
- Password generator.
- New lock mode.
- Hide tools button in Internet Explorer 9 and higher.
- Support for Tor browser.
- Lock and Instant Lock hotkeys.
- Multiple remote notification addresses.
- Hide clock and Show desktop button.
- Disable automatic updates in Windows 10.
- Onscreen timer is now available in Standard edition.
- Dutch translation.
- Spanish help.
- Revised French and Portuguese help files.
- Minor changes and fixes.

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