Wipe 2014.13

Wipe – This program is a privacy tool meant to cleand and remove traces of personal activity on your PC and also to get rid of junk files, freeing up disk space.

You will be able to delete browser history and cache, index.dat files, registry, internet cookies files, autocomplete-history, temporary internet files, clipboard, etc.

It can remove tracks from more than 100 programs (FileZilla, Flash, QuickTime, etc) and makes those files unrecoverable, thanks to advanced security methods: DoD 5220.22-M method, Gutmann method ( full 35 steps ), Russian GOST and other (feature available in the PRO version only).

A feature some may fiind useful is „screen lock”, which will instantly replace your desktop with an image when you press a hotkey. In this way, no one will know what you were doing at that moment.

For every program it cleans, you have the option to view total number of files and occupied space and you can also access some of them.

Not in the end you can delete game statistics, manually typed addresses, the HTML help log, recovery cache, DOM storage, system restore files, saved logins and passwords.

What's New in Wipe 2014.13:

- With a new release of Yandex browser (14.8) their developers have resolved very important security issue. We're happy to announce that our program will now support new version of this browser: 14.8 and if you have it installed you be able to remove garbage in it. Note that Yandex browser uses Chrome engine (Yandex it's a clone of Chrome), and you better use original Chrome browser instead of Yandex browser because it is updated more often.
- Date of release: 2 October 2014.

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