ALPass 2.74

  • Last update: 4 Nov 2008
  • License: Freeware
  • Size: 5.76MB
  • Downloads: 7433

ALPass is the best and easiest way to securely store logins and passwords for all your online memberships and subscriptions.

Make your life easier and make life easier for your subordinates and users. Since ALPass is free for home users, and we provide free support for everyone registered here at ALTools, you spend less on training and support for your users, which means more time for you.

If you run a company, and your employees use the internet for work, then their logins and passwords for work-related sites is valuable company property. ALPass can help you easily transition that information as employees join or leave your company. Don't throw away your online assets - protect them with ALPass.

Features of ALPass 2.7:

· NEW: USB Drive and iPod support! - Install ALPass to any removeable storage device like your iPod, a USB drive, or even your digital camera! Take ALPass with you - anywhere - with any device!
· Automatic - Login to websites in 1 click
· Unlimited Logins - Add login IDs and passwords for unlimited sites
· Consolidated - Add, edit, delete and manage logins in 1 easy centralized place
· Safe & Secure - Strong encryption (3DES) keeps your information safe
· Intuitive - Clean and easy to use intuitive interface
· Backups - Backup and restore encrypted login databases
· Portable - Export encrypted databases to use on other computers
· Customizable - Set browser integration preferences
· Unlimited Users - Secure for unlimited users on the same computer, even with the same login
· Show or Hide Passwords - Mask passwords with asterisks (*) or display them in plain text
· Intelligent - Auto prompts you to add new sites with configurable settings
· Auto log out - Set auto log out time limits for added security
· 100% Free - Free from adware, free from spyware, and free for personal and commercial use

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