Avira AntiVir Removal Tool

  • Last update: 6 Nov 2009
  • License: Freeware
  • Size: 358KB
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Avira AntiVir Removal Tool is a free, easy-to-use disinfection tool, specifically designed to remove a series a series of security threats from your system, such as Worm/Sober.J/P/Y, W32/Stanit.A

Avira offers frequent virus definitions updates in order to keep its users safe from new malware outbreaks. However, there are computer users who do not perform such updates as often as required, while many others do not use antivirus protection at all.

For all those experiencing the damaging effects of a virus infection, Avira's researchers have prepared a free removal tool, which can be used to eliminate major distinct threats.

Features of Avira Removal Tool 3.0.1:

· Cleaning actions: the current version removes the following viruses:
- Sober.J/P/Y
- TR/Agent.imh/its
- TR/Drop.Agent.qna.2/Agent.qna.1
- TR/PSW.Delf.AH/Kates.C.25
- TR/Spy.Delf.tge/Banker.AATZ/Banker.AATZ.1/Banker.AATZ.2- /Banker.AATZ.3
- W32/Induc.A
- W32/Stanit.A
- Worm/NetSky.P
· Repairing function: it fixes infected files, only if not severely damaged by the malware’s actions.
· Killing malware: this removal tool is designed to end the malware's active process(es).
· Removing malware support files: some viruses create non malicious files inside an affected computer, which they use for fulfilling their harmful actions. This tool can identify non viral files and remove them from your system.
· Registry cleaning: as many viruses create their own entries in the registry in order to carry out their malicious actions or reload themselves at every computer start, AVIRA Removal Tool is capable of deleting new keys from the Windows Registry and, whenever possible, restoring default values if the registry keys are modified by the malware.
· Simple operation: you simply have to unpack it and then start it by double click.
· Constant transparency: it displays information while scanning files on your computer, thus allowing you to know the live status of its activity.
· Report features: this tool is able to create log files and reports after completing its task, providing information on scan results.

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