A+ Web Filter 1.7

  • Last update: 12 Apr 2009
  • License: Freeware
  • Size: 2.15MB
  • Downloads: 10055

A+ Web Filter is a FREE software tool design to control the Internet usage in both business and family environment.

A+ Web Filter is based on an artificial intelligence algorithm, which profiles each site (based on a pool of sites - good and bad) and decides if it is appropriate to be access or not. Also the users can easily customize the filtering settings.

Misuse of your organization's Internet connection can be measured in lost productivity, loss of valuable bandwidth and, for companies engaged in ecommerce, lost sales. If you don't want your employees to spend work hours using the Internet for non-business related purposes, A+ Web Filter is the best solution for you. A+ Web Filter is a FREE software tool that enables you to enforce your company policy by filtering out sites which are not work related or appropriate to be visited by your employees during the working hours.

Internet safety is a rapidly growing concern for families. Amplusnet recognizes that as a family's dependency on the Internet grows, parents must maintain an appropriate environment for their children as Internet has become a playground for pornographers. Aggressive marketing tactics and tricks are used to target and prey upon innocent children. A+ Web Filter is a tool to help your family with its Internet safety concerns.

The software can run invisibly (even in the NT / 2000 / XP process list!) - in stealth mode you have the option to use a hotkeys to bring up the application.

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