Access Manager 2.1.58

  • Last update: 19 Mar 2007
  • License: Freeware
  • Size: 1.99MB
  • Downloads: 9341

Access Manager is a software solution that keeps all your passwords in one, simple to use list, it offers fast, easy and secure password management.

Features of Access Manager 2.1.58:

· Store and manage an unlimited number of passwords
· Strong dual encryption keeps your passwords safe
· Drag and Drop passwords to Internet Explorer and other software
· Copy usernames and passwords to the Windows Clipboard
· Organise passwords into 'Types' for easy management
· Automatically generate strong passwords
· Keep unlimited notes with each password
· Notes can include clickable links to web sites and email
· Find a password by entering any part of its title/description
· Each password can have a main link to a document, file, folder, program or web site
· Password Properties tracks creation, updating, accessing & ownership information
· Individual passwords can be private or shared
· Import passwords from CSV and XML files
· Easy to use, modelled on the Microsoft Outlook® style
· Extensive options and customising
· Office 2003® style menus and toolbars
· Support for Windows® XP themes and styles
· Customisable fonts and colours
· Preview and print the full details of any password
· Preview and print a summarised password list for storage in a safe or bank vault
· Free help and support
· Backup your password database and other important files to 2 separate locations
· Encrypt and Decrypt Files protects sensitive files from being read
· Secure File Deletion prevents sensitive files from being recovered
· On-screen Keyboard combats keylogging software and helps prevent identity theft
· Multi-user access and password sharing on a single computer or local area network
· Authentication stores a list of Challenge and Response phrases for each password
· Password Selector lets you work with individual password characters when logging on to Internet banking and other high security web sites
· Install Access Manager on a USB drive or other portable media
· Extended Find' lets you search username, password, passphrase, document and notes
· Preview and print a detailed password list for storage in a safe or bank vault
· Preview and print password expiry reports
· Preview and print password inactivity reports
· Export passwords to CSV and XML files
· User management lets you add and remove Access Manager users
· Password database management lets you open, move and compact the database, and view database properties
· Free priority email and fax support

What's New in Access Manager 2.1.58:

· NEW: Support for the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
· NEW: Support for Windows Vista
· NEW: Password Selector shows Authentication items (Professional edition)
· NEW: Password Selector displays up to 16 characters (Professional edition)
· NEW: The Master Password can now contain up to 50 characters
· FIX: Configuration information was not remembered if two copies of Access Manager were opened at the same time
· FIX: 'Always on Top' option was not remembered
· FIX: Minor spelling mistakes

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