Advanced Privacy Cleaner 1.1

  • Last update: 14 Oct 2007
  • License: Freeware
  • Size: 681KB
  • Downloads: 13646

Advanced Privacy Cleaner allows you to regain your computer's privacy with ease. This simple tool cleans your tracks with a single click. The program deletes only the types of tracks you select. After your tracks are clear, your privacy will be more secure and your browser will run much faster.

Features of Advanced Privacy Cleaner 1.1 :

Easy Privacy Protection
Advanced Privacy Cleaner deletes tracks from many different areas of your computer. The software includes six screens containing different tracks to erase. Select which tracks you wish to erase then click "Clean Now" to begin. The tracks you selected will then be deleted.
· The six types of data you can select for removal are:
- Windows Tracks
- Program Tracks
- Internet Tracks
- Cookies
- Messenger Tracks
- Plugins
Windows Vista Compatible
Advanced Privacy Cleaner supports all versions of Windows, including Microsoft's Windows Vista operating system. Why add this freeware tool to your Windows machine? As you use your PC it collects many different types of sensitive data. In the wrong hands this data can be used against you. Take action today by clearing these types of data from your system for good. At the same time you will enjoy an increase in browser stability and performance.

Benefits of Advanced Privacy Cleaner :

· Cleans tracks from your computer with a single click
· Provides different categories of track types to delete
· Deletes temporary installation files, various log files, browser files etc.
· Deletes tracks from Internet Explorer, Windows searches and more
· And More ...

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