All in One SECRETMAKER 5.0.7

  • Last update: 20 Oct 2006
  • License: Freeware
  • Size: 2.26MB
  • Downloads: 9730

All-in-One Secretmaker combines several tools: a security watchdog, a intruder blocker, a spam fighter, a pop-up blocker, a banner blocker, a movie blocker, a privacy protector, history cleaners, a worm hunter and a cookie eraser.

Security Watchdog recognizes malicious "mysteryware" and parasites that may assault your computer. Intruder blocker protects from Spyware, Trackware and Viruses.

Spam Fighter rates spam, works with any POP3 e-mail client, and the fully automated white list keeps preferred contacts up-to-date. The banner blocker reduces advertising banners, the movie blocker blocks Flash ads, besides uncountable adware sources locked out. The pop-up blocker stops unwanted pop-ups, and the privacy protector hides your identity while you surf.

The cookie eraser circumvents profiling. Various white lists allow user-specific optimizations. The history cleaner clears needless files, logs, and tracks. All-in-One Secretmaker is suitable for novices, as well as for professionals.

Features of All in One SECRETMAKER 5.0.7:

· Keep their email inbox free of spam
· Avoid irritating pop-up and banner interruptions
· Be secured from Spyware and computer Hijacking
· Protect their privacy and avoids online profiling
· Use the Internet efficiently for private or business use

What's New in All in One SECRETMAKER 5.0.7:

· Windows Vista Compatability.
· Various minor optimizations and fixes.

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