Anonymous Guest Professional 4.20

  • Last update: 31 Mar 2009
  • License: Freeware
  • Size: 6.86MB
  • Downloads: 7257

Anonymous Guest protects your privacy when you surfing through internet.

Important! Please run Anonymous Guest Professional software and select Help->Licence. Then copy to the "Code" field the licence key. Open key.

Opening a web-site, downloading the program, sending a mail, you everywhere leave the trace. Each your step in the internet is recorded with tens servers: at you on work, in a network, everywhere where you would not be! Protect your private life!

Anonymous Guest allow you to work in a network, remaining unknown to world around. You can visit any sites, to send e-mails, download any information and to not worry about consequences. Thousands proxy servers worldwide waiting for you!

Note: Learn more about proxy servers reading Proxy servers avanced FAQ.

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