Attacker 3.0

  • Last update: 20 Dec 2005
  • License: Freeware
  • Size: 23.6KB
  • Downloads: 20836

Attacker is a TCP/UDP port listener. You provide a list of ports to listen on and the program will notify you when a connection or data arrives at the port(s).

Can minimize to the system tray and play an audible alert. This program is intended to act as a guard dog to notify you of attempted probes to your computer via the Internet.

Attacker is not intended to protect your computer from hackers in any way other than notifying you of what was always happening to your computer before you knew about it! Running this program may in fact attract more attention to your computer from people remotely scanning for vulnerabilities due to it appearing as a collection of open ports. However, it will definitely not lessen the security of your computer.

It is strongly recommended you have a good anti-virus program installed and that you do NOT have File & Printer Sharing enabled for use over the Internet.

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