Aurora Password Manager 2.2

  • Last update: 30 Sep 2007
  • License: Shareware
  • Size: 3.09MB
  • Downloads: 8905

Aurora Password Manager is a secure password manager that lets you store all your logins, credit cards and other personal information in a AES-256 encrypted database.

The password keeper serves for enhancing the security and convenience of work with authentication systems. Nowadays we can meet authentication systems everywhere. Examples of authentication are – a credit card, password to a web site, registration key to a program, password for logging into Windows, etc. With the password keeper you will put in order the private information necessary for user authentication and enhance its security.

Features of Aurora Password Manager 2.2 :

· Strong AES-256 encryption of all stored account information ensures safety and confidentiality of your data at all times.
· Random password generation for your accounts ensures strong passwords for your online and application accounts.
· Backup copying and data restoration system.
· Multi-user Interface.
· Password-protected lock mode to prevent unauthorized access to Aurora data and application when user is away.
· Aurora Password Manager is 100% Free.

What's New in Aurora Password Manager 2.0 :

· Data import from CSV plain text format
· Data export to CSV, HTML or XML

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