Autoruns 14.01

  • Last update: 4 Sep 2021
  • License: Freeware
  • Size: 2.54MB
  • Downloads: 51866

Autoruns is a pretty advanced tool from Microsoft designed to give you lots of information about everything that happens on your computer: running processes, services, startup entries, winsock providers, etc.

It’s very useful for both novice, but especially for advanced users to determine what’s hogging system resources or if there is any hidden malware inside your computer.

The program is structured into tabs with access to different sections: Logon, Explorer, Internet Explorer, Scheduled Tasks, Services, Drivers, Codecs, Boot Execute, Image Hijacks, Applnit, KnownDLLs, Winlogon, Winsock Providers, Print Monitors, LSA Providers, Network Providers and Sidebar Gadgets.
For each entry you can delete, copy, verify online or simply display properties for each element. Under ‚Options’ you can include empty locations in the list, hide Microsoft or just Windows entries, and verify code signatures.

It’s a lightweight program, very useful and recommended if you want to know more about your system or try to repair it.

What's New in Autoruns 14.01 :

· Autoruns, a utility for monitoring startup items, is the latest Sysinternals tool to receive a UI overhaul including a dark theme.

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