BSpam 2.2.5

  • Last update: 20 Apr 2006
  • License: Shareware
  • Size: 3.51MB
  • Downloads: 11218

BSpam automatically blocks unwanted spam mails. There is absolutely no configuration required.

Features of BSpam 2.2.5 :

- BSpam works with a very unique technology, where users report spam mails. Once an email is reported as spam by first few users, based on its unique SpamRank TM technology that evaluates spam value of an email, is blocked from reaching other BSpam users Inbox.
- BSpam does not store the actual contents of your mail, thus it ensures complete privacy and security of your data.
- Once installed it integrates directly into your mail client and thus does not require a separate start. Once BSpam is installed, it adds as a toolbar and works on the spam mail without interfering with your work.
- BSpam does not delete the spam mails, it is stored in a separate folder called 'Spam'. The mails that are posted as spam are kept in another folder called 'Spam_Posted'. The mails in both the folders can be moved to your Inbox anytime.
- It gives you various options to post spam mails. You can either use 'Report SPAM' feature in the toolbar or you can use F8 Key and the mail gets directed to the 'Spam_Posted' folder or you can right click on the mail and select the "Report SPAM" option. Multiple e-mails can be selected and reported as spam.
- You can restore e-mail addresses accidentally reported as SPAM using 'Not SPAM' feature provided in the toolbar.
- Individual folders of your Outlook Express can also be checked for spam e-mails by just right clicking on the folder and selecting the option 'Check for Spam e-mails'.

What's New in BSpam 2.2.5 :

· BSpam 2.2.5 may include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes.

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