Backup4all 8.1.183

  • Last update: 19 Jun 2019
  • License: Shareware
  • Size: 124MB
  • Downloads: 3052

Backup4all is a professional backup tool, made to save your work whenever you want and restore it at any time.

It has four methods to do it: full, incremental, differential and mirror backup using advanced technologies.

You can save these backups to your local hard drive, to a remote FTP or SFTP server, online to Amazon S3, Azure, DVD, CD or any removable USB drive. There is a smart backup function that decides automatically when you should use one of the four predefined backup methods.

This application has some powerful functions like the option to backup even locked files in Windows and it can make true incremental backups, in other words it will backup only those small blocks of data that changed in a file since last backup.

It has ZIP64 support and offers built-in CDDVD and Blu-Ray burner for your backups. You can view at any time detailed statistics about your backups and schedule the next backup process.

Very useful is plugin support for Firefox, IE or Thunderbird, etc. They can save these programs’ profiles, IE favorite folders, etc.

What's New in Backup4all 8.1.183 :

- New: Remote monitoring support for backups and other actions
- New: Option to show News page again after being hidden
- New: Added job name instead of job ID in the description column
- Fix: Navigation pane showed Expanded even with Collapsed/Off in options
- Fix: Ensure folder exists before downloading file
- Fix: Overwrite mirror files notification
- Fix: Ensure cache is flushed when stopping the application
- Fix: Destination was changed when opening multiple jobs at once
- Fix: Display settings reset after restart
- Fix: Buy Now button returned AV when using the trial
- Fix: Filter window in Backup View
- Fix: Reduce catalog loading time

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