BitCrypt Free 2.1

  • Last update: 27 Dec 2005
  • License: Freeware
  • Size: 531KB
  • Downloads: 8718

Bit Crypt is a sophisticated tool allowing for encryption of plain text within bitmap image.

While encrypting, it modifies the individual pixel shadings of the image, and in this way incorporates the textual information. The modifications of the image are so small that the effect is not perceptible to the human eye.

The effect of such encryption is a seemingly ordinary and unchanged image which in fact contains the encrypted text. Moreover, the actual encryption relies on a complex encoding algorithm which makes it very difficult to break.

One may use the program for the sake of sensitive information storage, but also it is suitable for secret communications.

The main strength of the program is the ability to hide the information from any unauthorized observer. The encryption is not visible, and the encoded text does not seem to be present in a seemingly ordinary image.

In fact even an application of supercomputing techniques to the encrypted message would not break it. This is due to the random number generators applied to the image even before the actual encryption takes place. The image is distorted before the encrypted text is written to it, hiding in this way the locations of the points holding the actual encrypted data.

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