Bitdefender Adware Removal Tool

  • Last update: 6 Mar 2016
  • License: Freeware
  • Size: 46.5MB
  • Downloads: 8708

BitDefender Adware Removal Tool – nowadays many software come bundled with third-party ‘offers’, most of the time including adware, annoying toolbars and potentially unwanted programs.

These annoying programs will display ads in your browser or pop-up windows, trying to convince you in buying things from the internet or clicking some links to obtain additional revenue for the software’s vendor.

BitDefender launches a beta version of an utility aimed to deal with these nasty adware programs. Its functionality is basic and it is very easy to use, requiring no installation.

This makes it pretty useful when your computer is highly infected and you don’t want to waste anymore time and run this application even from a removable drive.

BitDefender will scan your entire computer and display a list of what it finds. You can decide what to do with those malware found.

Toolbars and other form of adware will slow down your computer, occupy disk space and annoy you with advertisements. They may also change your browser’s home page and search engine and modify other browser settings.

The program is pretty light and runs on all Windows versions from XP to 8, with support for 64 bit systems.

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