Blue Frog 1.9.1

  • Last update: 1 May 2006
  • License: Freeware
  • Size: 1.81MB
  • Downloads: 28812

Blue Frog is the client software of Blue Security's Do Not Intrude Registry anti-spam service. Blue Frog empowers you to actively fight spam with the members of the Blue Community in a safe and automated manner.

Blue Security analyzes spam reported by Blue Community members and reports sites advertised by spam to government agencies, to the ISPs hosting them and to other anti-spam groups.

Additionally, Blue Frog clients installed on the machines of Blue Community members automatically post complaints at Web sites advertised by the spam they receive -- the total number of complaints equals the number of spam messages received.

To avoid receiving further complaints, spammers should download a set of tools that clean their mailing lists from addresses of community members and stop sending them spam.

Blue Frog runs in the background without requiring your intervention and without disturbing you or your work. Blue Frog is a visible source project ensuring it is safe to use.

You may register the e-mail addresses where you wish to stop receiving spam in the Do Not Intrude Registry.You may also register your entire e-mail domain.

What's New in Blue Frog 1.9.1:

• Bugfixes:
· formatting error in logs
· Curl DNS cache is properly managed when a repeating communication error occurs (a libcurl fix)
· Curl properly handles compressed content with a prior authorization negotiation (a libcurl fix)
• Features:
· Auto-registration on first run [Win32 only]
· Gets the user's rank from Blue Security
· Flexible messaging system
· Blue Frog download and update feature [Win32 only]
· Blue username is now displayed in dialogs title [Win32 only]

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