ChoiceMail 3.1

  • Last update: 13 Jul 2005
  • License: Freeware
  • Size: 13.8MB
  • Downloads: 17268

ChoiceMail is the anti-spam program that puts you in complete control of your mailbox. It lets you treat your Inbox the same way you treat your front door. You decide who gets in and who doesn’t. With ChoiceMail, you will never get another piece of unwanted email. Ever. Get the mail you want. Block the mail you don’t want.

ChoiceMail is not a spam filter. It is a permission-based email management system that blocks 100% of unwanted email as you define it.

ChoiceMail Free is a new FREE version of our highly acclaimed ChoiceMail One product. It may be all the spam protection you need. It contains ChoiceMail’s most important features, including whitelist, blacklist, permission/blocking rules (both built-in and user-defined), safe message previewing and unknown sender registration. ChoiceMail Free does not work with Yahoo, AOL, MSN and Hotmail webmail accounts. Some features available in ChoiceMail One are disabled, and certain user preferences, such as the content of automated messages, are fixed. All outgoing emails are tagged with a brief message indicating that you are using ChoiceMail Free.

ChoiceMail One is our fully featured solution for single users. It contains all of the features listed above for ChoiceMail Free. It is fully customizable, including custom registration message, and contains additional features, such as the ability to import your contact list so as to preapprove people you already know, and our SmartAway(tm) process that only responds to approved senders. It lets you protect an unlimited number of email accounts in any format, including POP3 and webmail from AOL, Yahoo, MSN and Hotmail.

New Features of ChoiceMail One 3.1 :

· Built-in lightweight email client (ChoiceMail One / ChoiceMail Small Business) — It is now possible to send emails directly from within ChoiceMail One or the ChoiceMail Small Business Client. You can create, reply to or forward messages. You can use any of your POP3, alias or virtual email addresses as the FROM address. It's extremely convenient for those quick and dirty emails you need to send out without the bother of starting up your heavyweight email program.
· Virtual email addresses (ChoiceMail One only) — ChoiceMail One now supports the ability to manage more than 5 virtual email addresses. (You can now purchase additional virtual email addresses in blocks of 50 to use with ChoiceMail One)
· Web browser (ChoiceMail Enterprise / ChoiceMail Small Business) — Completely new web browser interface – easier and more efficient navigation.
· Web Browser interface (ChoiceMail Small Business/ChoiceMail Enterprise)— Ability to download attachments directly from the web browser
· Vanity pages (Optional in all versions) — Personalized vanity pages can now be associated with individual email addresses belonging to a user account rather than just one vanity page for the entire user account.
· Built-in customer affiliate system— A great new way for individual customers to spread the word about ChoiceMail and make some money too.
· Logging (CME)— Logging is now available in ChoiceMail Enterprise.

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