CipherBox Zap 0.2.6

  • Last update: 17 Jan 2006
  • License: Freeware
  • Size: 1.93MB
  • Downloads: 5618

CipherBox Zap is an easy to use encryption tool which uses a 2048 bit cipher and allows a folder to be dragged into the main window, and the contents of that folder will be encrypted and compressed into one file.

CipherBox Zap uses RC4 "like" :) Encryption to encrypt/decrypt entire folders and their contents into one large file (sorta like a zip file).

This version of CipherBox can only handle files that total under 2.0 gigs and have less than 65,535 folders.

CipherBox Zap now supports compressing files. When compressing files, only memory is used. When uncompressing files, a temp file is created in your extract path with the extention ".zlib", then it is uncompressed to the final file.

Since compression is handled by the dll, there is no communication with the dll while compression is in progress, so no status messages will be displayed.

What's new in CipherBox Zap 0.2.6:

· Fixed bug which wouldn't allow older cbx files to be read.

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