Clone Cleaner Pro 2.01

  • Last update: 1 May 2011
  • License: Shareware
  • Size: 2.21MB
  • Downloads: 48823

Clone Cleaner helps you to find duplicate files on your system and delete them. Thus, you can free up a lot of disk space taken by the extra copies and reduce clutter on your disks.

Clone Cleaner Pro allows you to add several folders at a time and find duplicates with a single mouse click. Clone Cleaner find files with same names, same size, same content, full duplicates and empty files. Clone Cleaner Pro shows a path, file name, file size, a time/date stamp and attributes of found files. And you can easy navigate in tables of duplicates files. Clone Cleaner Pro provides tools for safe and easy deletion of duplicate files. You can see preview table before deleting files.

Features of Clone Cleaner Pro 2.01 :

· Checking for duplicates in Multiple drives (Floppy,USB, Jaz Drive & Mapped Network drives).
· Works with several local disks and disks accessed across a network at the same time.
· Ability to find duplicates over network, using UNC path or network neighborhood.
· Compares files byte-to-byte to search same content duplicates and full clones.
· Finds File Name match. Finds Name duplicates for files with different content.
· Finds File Size match. Finds Size duplicates for files with different content.
· Finds Empty files without content. Zero size files.
· Powerful filters. Include/exclude files by extension, file size and file date.
· Ability to exclude subfolders from search for duplicates.
· Ability to protect Windows and hidden folders.
· Ability to save search criterias for quick access in future (like Favorites).
· Ability to export search results into CSV file.
· Smart marking allows to select unwanted duplicate files easily, almost automatically.
· Provides tools for safe and easy deletion of duplicate files.
· Ability to storing log files (full log and error log).
· Deleting duplicates files to the Recycle Bin.
· Full support for FAT, FAT-32 and NTFS format partitions.
· Easy to use interface for simple search for duplicates files.
· Ability to customize toolbars.
· Extremely cost effective.

What's New in Clone Cleaner Pro 2.01 :

· Support filepath length up to 32K wide characters.
· Optimized scanning functions, that allow to reduce a memory usage up to 10%.
· Log Viewer loads log files two time faster.

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