Codex 3.20

  • Last update: 5 Feb 2006
  • License: Freeware
  • Size: 1.6MB
  • Downloads: 12471

Codex is a high-professional encryption tool; the best one on personal security.

This program is especially suited to managers, executives and all the people that believe in privacy and e-privacy.

We know a professional needs powerful tools. In the meantime these tools must also be easy. So we created Codex, a no-frills program that goes his way; one shot one hit.
You can start using Codex immediatly after the download; you'll notice that it's easy! and it works!

Features of Codex 3.20

· Codex knows what to do; no need to specify code or decode.
· It works over any kind of file.
· File-times remain unchanged; and so does the file extension.
· Password length ranges from 8 bytes to several millions bytes.
· No logs, key recovery, back-door, etc. etc.
· Embedded eraser (standard behaviour) and on demand.
· Status check on single files or folders.
· When the job is done Codex ends automatically.

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