Comodo Mobile Security for Android 2.7.4

  • Last update: 25 Mar 2015
  • License: Freeware
  • Size: 12.1MB
  • Downloads: 21797

Comodo Mobile Security (CMS) offers complete protection for your mobile devices against malware and unsafe application that can harm your Android.

There is a ‚Health Check’ function that will work like ‚one-click’ optimization for your device as it checks whether infected applications already exist in your device, verifies for unsecure settings and tries to optimize your phone.

‚Privacy Advisor’ identify apps with privileges that could pose a risk on your device’s security, compromise your privacy or cost you additional money during calls.

‚SMS and Call Blocking’ function will filter automatically every offending message or call based on whitelist and blacklist you configure.

‚Traffic monitor and Firewall’ will prevent unwanted apps to generate data traffic and make additional cost for you.

‚Anti-Theft’ is very useful in case your device is lost or stolen as it can permit you initiate remote commands like delete data, or identify the phone on a map and even take a photo of the thief.
Finally, the Backup function lets you lets you backup and restore important data such as contact lists, text messages and private space to a memory card.

Important Note: Android application package file (APK) is the file format used to distribute and install application software and middleware onto Google's Android operating system.

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