CompuSec PC Security Suite 5.2

  • Last update: 22 Aug 2008
  • License: Freeware
  • Size: 20.3MB
  • Downloads: 8964

FREE CompuSec is a Security Suite that protects Notebook and Desktop PCs. It provides Access Control, Hard Disk Encryption, VPN, file encryption and Single Sign On.

FREE CompuSec provides high level of security with a flexible and transparent mode of operation. Individuals, small groups of users as well as large enterprises use FREE CompuSec. It combines a complete set of security functions, while providing users the option to configure the product to their own needs. Large organizations will also find a host of special functions to efficiently manage a large implementation of CompuSec, such as unattended installation, centralized rollout, support for disk images, central software distribution, service functions and central user management.

Features of CompuSec PC Security Suite 5.2:

· Pre boot access control
· Encryption for Hard disk using 256-bit AES algorithm and in hibernation mode
· Encryption for CD / DVD for secure publishing and sharing of CD data using CDCrypt
· Encryption for Diskettes and Removable Media Devices such as ZIP drives, USB thumb drives or Memory sticks
· Encryption of Individual Files or data transmitted via Email and FTP using new DataCrypt
· Encryption of Server Files & Subdirectories using SafeLan
· Single-Sign-On at Windows
· Identity Management for password encryption, policy database query, and supports BioClick for secure transactions based on fingerprint recognition
· Local and Central Administration
· [ClosedTalk] for secure VoIP communication
· Intergrated support for Tablet PC
· [DriveCrypt] for container encryption
· Centralised management with Audit Log and Remote Challenge/Respond for password reset (Feature only available for FREE CompuSec manage by GlobalAdmin).

What's New in CompuSec PC Security Suite 5.2 :

· Support for Windows Vista
· New and improved DataCrypt
· New [DriveCrypt] application for container encryption
· FREE CompuSec status reporting
· Improved Audit Logging
· Improved architecture for easier user management using GlobalAdmin
· New remote challenge/response password reset mechanism
· 256-bits AES encryption for Standalone installations

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