CyberGhost VPN Free Beta

  • Last update: 4 May 2016
  • License: Freeware
  • Size: 14.3MB
  • Downloads: 9508

CyberGhost VPN Free offers Wi-Fi security, internet & online privacy, as well as access to blocked content & apps.

Browsing the internet is an usual activity for every computer user. This is why you have the right to be protected and even anonymous, because losing personal data is one of the biggest dangers online.

CyberGhost VPN will hide your real IP address from prying eyes and even your mobile operator. Your internet traffic will be totally encrypted with HTTPS and routed via remote proxy servers, that you can easily switch.

In this way, no one will ever be able to steal your private information and you will be protected everywhere, even on free WiFi hotspots, one of the most unsecure connections available.

You can access blocked or censored internet content like Facebook or YouTube and unlock applications like VoIP or messaging services: Skype or Viber or utorrent.

Not the least, you will also save important money and data using CyberGhost VPN.

While browsing you can choose your desired server, or you can let the application make that choice for you, which is advisable.

If you browse using CyberGhost for a short time, you can have the free data plan, but if you’re a heavy browser, you should pay a monthly fee.

This program comes with something extra and so it deletes the browser cookies and history (IE supported only), verifies the password security and can restrict email sending.

What's New in CyberGhost VPN Beta :

- This update mainly addresses all users who still have to run Windows XP or are having problems with their Internet Explorer installation, regardless which Windows version they use.
- Starting with version 5.0.14 CyberGhost offers two different rendering engines: the Internet Explorer engine (by default) and the Gecko-based rendering engine (as being used by Mozilla Firefox).

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