DCleaner 1.08.211

  • Last update: 1 Jun 2006
  • License: Freeware
  • Size: 341KB
  • Downloads: 45049

DCleaner is a freeware system cleaner that cleans up unused temporary files and recent file lists from your computer.

This small utility will allow you to search the registry, look at information about your computer, a quick and easy way to access the control panel, and will clean nearly all temporary files off your computer to speed up performance and allow your pc to run smoothly.

DCleaner was made to be a quick and small system cleaner to clean all Temporary files, MRU (Most Recently Used) Lists, Recent File Lists, and Cookies which are commonly found in the system temp folder, temporary internet files folder, cookies folder, recycle bin and recent documents list.

This program is great for privacy purposes as is any cleaning program because of its ability to delete Explorer MRU Lists, Cookies, and Index.dat Files which Spyware programs and hijackers use to track where you've visited or been.

DCleaner also efficiently cleans up temporary files and recent file lists of over 50 different third party applications. DCleaner also has a small Spyware Scanner which when detecting Spyware/Adware or any Malicious Software, it will remove it.

Features of DCleaner 1.08 :

Cleans the following components:
Internet Explorer :
· Temporary Files (Which are left on your computer every time you visit a website)
· Cookies (Which are left on your system telling a website who you are)
· Url History (Recently typed urls in the ie address bar)
· IE History (A log of where you've visited)
· Cache (Difficult deletion of IE Temp Files)
· Index.dat Files (Displaying where you've visited or been)
· Last Download Location (The last location where you downloaded a file)
System Cleaning :
· Recycle Bin
· System Temporary Files
· Windows Log Files
· Recent Documents List (In the Start Menu)
· Typed "Run" History
· Windows Search History
· Windows XP Prefetch
Opera Browser :
· Opera (Internet) Cache - Internet History
Advanced Cleaning :
· Tray Notifications Cache
· Windows Cache

What's New in DCleaner 1.08.211 :

· Improved Uninstaller Detection Routines (Once Again)
· Optimized cleaning process
· Added Cleaning for Windows Desktop Search, Lavasoft Personal Firewall
· Added Opera 9 Beta Cleaning (Support)
· Added ability to locate startup target
· Added a right click menu to the Uninstaller
· Added a right click menu to the Startup List Viewer
· Minor Bug Fixes

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Rating: 4 5 (votes) Comments:

you can safely clean everything the report says you can, it is easy to use, not so many resources used. it is just a matter of the simpler the better, this is the cleaner program for me!

  • Rating: 5
  • Posted by: Machete
  • Date: 10 Sep 2010

The cleaning and managing abilities are perfect. If we compare with Ccleaner, very important for this software is, really cleans the temp folder. I recommend for Ccleaner users. Let you totally clean your system with Ccleaner and after that, look inside the UserProfileLocal SettingsTemp folder. You are going to see the sad truth. Ccleaner does not clean the most used temp folder. But Dcleaner fires that!

That will be a perfect software, when the graphical user interface looks more professional.

  • Rating: 4
  • Posted by: Oz Kal
  • Date: 15 Jun 2010

good to running the computer more fast

The program Dcleaner, is excellent. However it does require some help file and especially options and some information about selection ofthe options. Ofcource it is not as good as CCleaner.

This is really more like a BETA release with its confusing interface and lack of help files. DCleaner is merely a stripped-down version of another (far better) program called CCleaner http://www.ccleaner .com

The developer of this program obviously used the program name "DCleaner" to compete with CCleaner - which is far more stable and easier to use than DCleaner is. Disk Cleaner http://www.robertenfemke .nl/~diskclean/ is another program that you might try rather than using DCleaner.

The program has slide bars and next buttons for the menu items when the program window itself takes up one quarter of the screen and doesn’t allow you to resize. The DCleaner interface and design is confusing to say the least and there is no real usable HELP file to speak of. Well, there actually is a HELP "button" - however when you press it all you get is the answers to two measly questions and a URL to report bugs.

The link to the DCleaner website which comes in the form of the only graphical element on screen, when clicked, produces an error message and then proceeds to closes the program.

Not recommended for newbies - especially because of the fact that there are no help files available.

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