Duplicate File Finder 3.5

  • Last update: 8 Feb 2009
  • License: Freeware
  • Size: 112KB
  • Downloads: 13525

Duplicate File Finder is a simple to use program that can search and locate duplicate and empty files in any folder or drive.

Duplicate File Finder automatically searches all files in all subdirectories. Duplicate files are based on byte for byte comparisons (100% accurate), for comparing large files you can select "Fast Searching" which compares the first and last 10 megabytes of large files, to increase speed (99% accurate). This program is great for cleaning up disk space in your picture folders, or documents folders, or download folders. You can also specify to only search for jpg files or mp3 files, or any other type of specific file type!

Features of Duplicate File Finder 3.5 :

· Multithreading operation to provide extremely fast search results.
· FASTER Duplicate File Searching than any other program of its kind!
· Fast Search mode allows extremely fast byte comparisons on large files.
· Search Across Multiple Directories and Drives.
· Search for All File Type or Narrow your Search to Specific File types only!
· Also can locate and delete empty files.
· Double Click a file in the tree list to display a detailed information dialog.
· Ability to Delete Selected Original Files.
· Tip: Original Files are determined by creation date, if it was created first, it is considered the original file.

What's New in Duplicate File Finder 3.5 :

· Added Drag and Drop support for adding folder to search.
· Changed resize code for flicker free resizing.
· Info Dialog is now resizable.
· Added "Expand All" and "UnExpand All" to a right click menu for Tree Control.

WARNING: Do not delete files if you do not know what they are! It is NOT recommended that you search your system directory and delete all the duplicate files it contains; since your operating system may need those files!

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