EliteToolbar Remover 2.1.2

  • Last update: 17 Oct 2005
  • License: Freeware
  • Size: 466KB
  • Downloads: 13326

A lot of people around the Internet are having problems with one of the latest Elitetoolbar malware variants.

The new EliteToolbar Remover deletes any traces of the following persistent malwares:

- EliteBar (adware toolbar)
- EliteToolbar (adware toolbar)
- EliteSidebar (adware toolbar)
- BargainBuddy (Adware)
- Browser Aid (adware toolbar)
- CashToolbar (adware toolbar)
- FreshBar (also known as: ADW_FRESHBAR.B, adware)
- GameSpy (adware)
- MoneyTree (adware)
- Nail.exe (Trojan)
- NaviSearch (Adware)
- navpsrvc.exe (also known as: W32/Forbot-EF, worm)
- SearchMeUp (adware toolbar)
- SideStep (spyware)
- Spybot - Randex (Worm)
- SupportSoft (spyware)
- SurfSideKick (malware)
- Win32.RBot (Worm)
- winmon.exe (also known as: W32/Agobot-KA, trojan)
- WinMoviePlugIn (adware)
... and many others! Too much to list!

Technical Summary of the EliteToolbar malware:

Name: EliteBar IE Toolbar

Company: Search Miracle (

Description : EliteBar (ELITETOOLBAR VERSION xx.DLL) IE toolbar. Component of SearchMiracle.
Adware applications, toolbars and browser extensions may serve advertisements even while you are not surfing the Internet.
This application may serve various types of advertising, not limited to pop-up ads. It may result in blocking the activity of a PC user since this malware consumes a lot of memory because it constantly monitors if someone is deleting it from the registry or is trying to kill it in some way. It may also block anti-virus programs and contains a list of *.exe program names in memory to block them if it detects they are running in the task manager.

This new version of the EliteToolbar has all the previous disadvantages of the CoolWebSearch malware and some new ones including pop-up windows every 2 minutes, a permanent block of the Google Toolbar (if present), redirecting of any instances of Google and Yahoo web-browsing, and so on...

Look carefully at what you have to do:

The only thing you have to do is to reboot your machine in Safe Mode (just click the F8 key as the PC is starting, just before the MS Windows flag screen appears) and run the EliteToolbar Remover, then click the "Kill Elite Toolbar" button and wait until it finishes its work.

Occasionally a DOS box may appear asking your permission to delete some files in temporary Windows directories. You must accept the deletion of these to be sure of properly removing the malware!

What's New in EliteToolbar Remover 2.1.2 :

· This version has been released the 16th of October and has some minor modifications to make it a bit more stable.

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