Empty Temp Folders 2.8.3

  • Last update: 29 Nov 2005
  • License: Freeware
  • Size: 650KB
  • Downloads: 3661

Empty Temp Folders (emptemp) helps you manage folders that contain temporary files, left over by other applications.

It's easy to add any folder and you can empty a folder (or all folders) with one click.

Also emptemp will let you list and delete cookies, history files and temporary internet files (this requires MS Internet Explorer version 5+).

Emptemp also has a search function to let you find and delete temporary files outside the normal temp folders. Any program can leave behind temporary files or backup files anywhere on your harddisk. These files have file types like .tmp, .bak, .old and .log. You can add your own file types.

Emptemp also displays the amount of memory the content of the clipboard takes up, and lets you delete it. And it can find broken shortcuts (.lnk files) on your harddisk, so you can delete or fix them.

What's new:

· Fixed bug in Emptemp preventing it from deleting cookies, history files and URLs when run with command line option /all.
· Fixed wrong file bitmap on tab #3 when searching for temp files and zero bytes were unchecked.
· Fixed bug causing file type to be missing from intern list after readding it by clicking the Default button on tab #3. Worked OK after reload though.
· Added menu item What's new? to the Help menu.
· Fixed: On tab #4 after deleting single items the selection moved 2 items down.
· Added gid, syd and dir to file types (tab #3). Click the Default button to add them!
· Fixed bug in EmpRunner causing it to always show on startup.
· Added 10 minutes interval to EmpRunner.

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