EyeDrives 4.0

  • Last update: 21 Feb 2006
  • License: Freeware
  • Size: 892KB
  • Downloads: 2378

EyeDrives is a freeware utility with which you can determine exactly how much space your various drives have remaining.

The amounts can be viewed in Bytes, K-Bytes, M-Bytes or G-Bytes. If you have multiple partitions, the totals for free space, used space and drive size are given. CD-ROM figures are not included in totals.

The program can read multiple drives (24 in this version, C to Z) and the form will automatically resize depending on the drive count. It is also possible to pick which drives to view. When closing the program, it will remember if you were in Byte, KB, MB or GB view and the screen position and load next time accordingly.

The program also shows system memory and can calculate the amount of wasted space and other details such as cluster sizes etc.

What is wasted space?

Wasted space is the difference between the total size of your files and the space that Windows allocates for them on your hard disk.

Windows stores files in little blocks called clusters that vary in size depending on the size of the partition. If a file fills, for example, three and one half clusters, the rest of that half cluster is wasted space.

Think of a pile of boxes in a warehouse, the empty space inside the boxes surrounding their contents is wasted. A half empty big box has more wasted space than a half empty small one.

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