FileChecker 1.7

  • Last update: 19 Apr 2005
  • License: Freeware
  • Size: 927KB
  • Downloads: 4741

FileChecker will help you to watch important system files for changes, modifications, or tampering (by malicious programs).

Features of FileChecker 1.7 :

· Lets you specify files to watch.
· Notifies (if you want) and logs if changes/modifications/deletions/tamperings occur to the files you have selected.
· Runs in the background - can be minimized to the system tray for convenience.
· Is very small, and takes up very little memory.
· Can save your watch list and scan time preferences.
· Can start up minimized to the system tray, and begin watching your files silently.
· Can compute cryptographic hashes of files (checksums)!
· Has new installer program that should install extraneous files that were missing on some users’ computers.
· Added configuarble pop-up notification options (you can select to have pop ups for all detected changes, just for checksums, just for file deletions, combinations of those, etc.)
· Log file format changed to add date and time for events.
· Log file can now be set up to export to a text file (it is recommended you configure the log file to be placed in a directory OTHER than your FileChecker install directory).
· Watch-list is now stored in ENCRYPTED format (you can also change your current watch-list to encrypted format with a click of a button).
· Other configuration information (such as location of log file) is stored in ENCRYPTED format.
· You can select only certain files on your watch-list to be checksummed.
· Help file added.
· Password Protection
· Optional installation as a Windows Service (adds to the security!)
· Logging to the NT Event Log
· Administrator Lock-Down Features
· Bug Fixes
· Optional tool-tips to help new users.
· Fixed a small number of bugs some users were experiencing.
· Fixed "run-time error 6" crash.
· SMTP ALERT ENGINE! (Send e-mail alerts for deletions, checksum changes, etc.)
· Donation page
· Tutorial for beginning users

Notes: - It is not recommended to specify files like Anti-Virus virus definitions files in the FileChecker database. Since these files are updated quite often (and even possibly auto-updated in the background) it could cause many warnings. However, it IS recommended to add the main executable of your anti-virus program (at a minimum) to the FileChecker database.
- FileChecker is provided as freeware, and as such, no money is made from you using the software. The author would like to ask, if you find the software useful, that you consider making a donation to help support the continued development of the software. Click here to visit author's page.

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