Filewatch 2.0

  • Last update: 19 Nov 2006
  • License: Freeware
  • Size: 12KB
  • Downloads: 8627

FileWatch (originally called ICEWatch) is a small utility that can monitor a given file for changes. Monitoring can detect file size changes or simply file writes, both with minimal impact on system resources (no polling is performed).

The primary use of this utility is for monitoring changes in the log file of a personal firewall program and being able to spawn a separate application when changes are detected, but the tool can be applied to any number of other uses.

What's New in Filewatch 2.0 :

· Filewatch 2.0 does not represent any major additional functionality to previous versions of FileWatch (ICEWatch), it simply signifies the fact that FileWatch has been acquired by Foundstone

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