FreeProxy Internet Suite 4.1.1514

  • Last update: 15 Sep 2010
  • License: Freeware
  • Size: 4.98MB
  • Downloads: 28039

FreeProxy is professional Freeware which channels requests for internet pages via a single computer and enables many computers to share an internet connection.

If you have dial-up internet access, you can use the Demand Dial or Auto-Dial feature to dial up the internet either when it detects you want to access the internet (demand) or maintain a strict schedule of connection times (auto). Otherwise is works with Cable/Broadband.

Filtering every which way...
if you would like to prevent access to certain internet sites, FreeProxy enables you to block access based on a filter. Comprehensive "Resource Security" enables you to filter URLs, IP addresses, ports, hosts accessed. In addition you can secure access using userid and password. FreeProxy utilises the web standards of Basic and Digest authentication but also allows you to authenticate users to a Windows Domain. Access can be limited to certain times using a calendar. This is very useful if you make use of low-cost access times. Here are some examples:
• Allow access to the internet at certain times.
• Allow some users access to some sites.
• Allow some users access to a selection of sites at specific times.
• Allow the import of ban lists to ban based on URL or IP address.

FreeProxy is free of any spyware, malware, advertisements etc. It's all 100% pure fully functional proxy server.

Features of FreeProxy Internet Suite 4.1 :

· Internet connection sharing with demand dialling
· HTTP proxy, including FTP over HTTP
· SMTP & POP email proxy
· NNTP proxy
· Outlook Express / Hotmail email proxy
· TCP tunnel (tunnel any TCP protocol)
· HTTP cache
· Connect to ICQ and MSN easily
· HTTP 1.1 persistent connections, RFC2616 and RFC2518 compliant. See Compliancy below.
· Demand Dialling, auto connect/disconnect
· URL filtering has been replaced by Resource Security which allows username password authentication and access to resources.
· URL and IP address filtering from imported Ban Lists
· Remote access to display statistics of users
· Access controlled by user and calendar
· Resources include IP addresses, ports, URLs, paths, IP services
· Comprehensive access logs which are user configurable
· Create users and groups and/or authenticate to a Windows domain
· Built-in web server
· Run as a service under Win NT/2000/XP/2003 or Win98/Me
· Message logging and dumping
· Connect to another Proxy server or connect directly to the internet
· Bind to a specific network interface for added security ("local binding")
· Works with Dial-up Networking and Cable/Broadband

To install the new version, please do the following:

· Save your existing config file to a new location so that it does not get overwritten by the new install. When saving, rename it to something other than default.cfg
· Stop FreeProxy. Check the start/stop dialog and make sure no process is running.
· Uninstall your current version
· Download the new version
· Install the new version
· Load the saved config file and save
· Read the release notes below to determine changes.
· Make any required changes as suggested (if required)
· Start FreeProxy and test
· Report any problems

What's New in FreeProxy Internet Suite 4.1 :

· New: SMTP and POP servers
· Fix: ISAPI extensions - various bug fixes. Works with Mambo and Gallery2

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