Antispam Scanner 1.31

  • Last update: 28 Sep 2006
  • License: Freeware
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With Free Antispam Scanner you no longer need to be plagued by web-interface problems, or resignedly receive heaps of web-trash.

You feel that you swamped with spam messages? Does it become harder and harder to find a normal letter in a heap of mail trash?

In this case, this is a tool you need. There is no secret that in order to facilitate “black deeds,” spammers use lots of different auxiliary programs. So why cannot you do the same? You no longer need to be plagued by web-interface problems, or resignedly receive heaps of web-trash. Arming yourself with this program, you will be able to preview message titles in the mailboxes, and delete manifest spam. The program will assume control over all chores concerning primary sorting of letters and learning of filters.

Antispam Scanner as an e-business tool.
For good reasons, e-mail is now widely spread in e-business as a quick and convenient way of communication, but since the percentage of spam in your incoming messages increases, the usefulness of this communication method decrease.

A person engaged in some e-business is more concerned with the problem of spam than a regular user because the former cannot change mailboxes without damage to the business. Besides, more spam comes to a businessman's mailbox due to his higher activity in the World Wide Web.

To keep e-mail as your business tool, you need a way to clear the incoming mail from spam quickly and effectively. Also, this method must be safe for important business messages.

The software Antispam Scanner was developed with these requirements taken into account.

Quickness. It is achieved because its interface is as visual and easy as possible. There is no need to select any checkboxes or find your way in a chaos of colored stripes. Messages from different categories are stored in different locations, which makes sorting them much quicker since your attention is not distracted by messages from other categories. This is the main peculiarity of the program. Besides, messages are processed quickly because only message headers are received, as well as due to the built-in system of self-teaching and the initial set of rules, which makes it possible to roughly presort messages right away.

Effectiveness. You will delete all obvious spam without downloading it to your computer and will get a pure flow of correspondence. The interface of the program ensures that you view and sort message headers in the most comfortable way that you will not find in any mail client because they have a different purpose.

Security. You control the process of fighting spam and do not allow an important business message to disappear. Your security is also increased due to the fact that most trash messages and viruses will not get to you.

What's new in Free Antispam Scanner 1.31 :

· It is now easier to add a new entry to Fierylist.
Right-click the message data from which you want to add to Fierylist and select "Add to Fierylist - Subject" or "Add to Fierylist - Sender" from the context menu. Suppose you receive a message with the subject "With Anatrim you will be ready to try on a new collection of sexy swimming suits." and understand that it is an advertisement of a medicine called Anatrim. It is only the first message among those that spammers will send you later so it would be logical if you added the word Anatrim to Fierylist not to see the advertisement of this medicine any more.

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