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  • Last update: 20 Dec 2006
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Free Visual Ping is a network diagnostic tool for Windows platforms. Using this tool you can monitor TCP/IP targets, by sending packages to those targets and viewing the received packages result over a detailed list and a graph.

Free Visual Ping is an easy to use replacement for the standard ping utility. But what is "ping"? The ping process verifies connectivity to a host on your local area network or on the Internet. Ping sends an ICMP "echo request" as a data packet to a remote device and displays the results for each "echo reply." This exchange is called "pinging".
Ping sends one packet per a period of time of your choice and prints and draw one line of output for every response received.

When ping terminates, it displays a brief summary of round-trip times and packet loss statistics. Round trip times indicate the time (in milliseconds) it takes for the packet to get to the remote host and a response to arrive back. This time varies depending on network load.

Features of Free Visual Ping

· Easy to use, predictable interface.
· Complete control of parameters.
· Detailed and complete results.
· Real time results of the pinging process.
· Very detailed results window
· Graph showing a visual state of the pinging process.
· Desktop and start menu launching.
· Command prompt launching.
· Command prompt launching WITH parameters.

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