IEraseTraces 1.1

  • Last update: 8 Feb 2008
  • License: Freeware
  • Size: 1.07MB
  • Downloads: 2626

IEraseTraces is a privacy clean-up tool that enables you to erase your Internet and PC usage tracks, including browser history (IE, Firefox, Opera, Netscape), cookies, Windows temporary files and various other system traces.

IEraseTraces is an evolved privacy protection tool and even if it has advanced functionality it's still very user friendly.

Features of IEraseTraces 1.1 :

· Scan and Erase - Scan you computer for traces of your activity and Erase them;
· Monitor - as long as IEraseTraces is running you can chek the Monitor page and check if new activity traces were detected by the real-time trace monitor;
· Wipe (or shred) - Very powerful feature, let's you wipe your entire hard-disk, free space or individual files (PROFESSIONAL version only); "What's this feature for?" - you'll know when the time comes:);
· Integrate into Shell - You can integrate the Wipe functions into the Shell Context-Menu and this will allow you to easily wipe hard-disks, disk free spaces or files without starting IEraseTraces application;
· Alert - what good is the Monitor if you wouldn't be notified about new activity traces in real-time? That's why IEraseTraces offers you the Alert feature - a small notification window that shows everytime a new traces is detected;
· Minimize to System Tray - just minimize it and it will go to System Notification Area;
· Check for Updates - From time to time you can use this feature and the application will self-update;

What's New in IEraseTraces 1.1 :

· The user is now warned about any dangerous actions he might take;
· The application has a built-in Update function, so there will be no need to go yourself to our website and download new versions;
· The window can be now maximized (it was about time);
· "Upgrade to Professional" link button (on the top of the window) - this one will be working in couple of weeks;
· New look and feel of the "Integrate into Shell" functions;
· The Options page looks a little different. The free space in there is ocupied by features which will be available only in PROFESSIONAL version;
· The "Bug Report" feature from Info page was removed. Still, if you find one and wish to inform us about it, just use the Contact page from the website.

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